Posted BY FRANCES MAY ON February 25th, 2009

I just got back from my Fall buying trip in New York. While there I attended the Bodkin Fall Presentation at the Horticulture Society in mid-town. Of course, I got there late enough to have just missed all the clothing but in time to score an air plant and meet a writer from Teen Vogue. She was very nice with an understated elegance. She mentioned she would be attending the William Bast show who collaborated with my man Justin Timberlake (I know kind of dorky but he is adorable). With a few glasses of liquid courage, Lizzy (my partner in crime) and I decided to tag along. Once there we realized we were way out of our league so whatelse could we do but act so disenchanted that we looked like we belonged. Success!!! We sneaked in without a hitch! Of course we stood in the nose bleed section but who cares! We were in. Next, who was in attendance…? Anna Wintour! Paris and Nicki Hilton! Who has all the photographers around her? Jessica Biel, JT’s biggest fan. and of course JT himself. The clothes? What clothes? We had so much fun. Once it ended we walked through the swarms of Paparazzi whom looked right through us. Who knows maybe you’ll see us in US weekly behind Erin Wasson or something.
Here are two hilarious pictures to give you an idea of what we saw or not.
(Yes, I was one of those jerks with her cell phone in the air taking pics.)

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