Posted BY FRANCES MAY ON July 31st, 2012


Our friend Donovan at Elske Shoes proves that quality goods can be made by hand in an effective and elegant way. For years he has made custom shoes using only 18 non-mechanical handtools. In his newest project, he aims to create a system of production that is efficient as well as cost effective for larger shoe runs, meaning the possibility of making lots of shoes in a single day. I find this very interested considering how many skills we have lost over the last few decades due to overseas production and outsourcing. That’s why I love the resurgence of small artisan designers like Elske, Draught Dry Goods, Tanner GoodsArchival.  What Elske is doing is very cool and frankly we need more business like his. Here is a link to his kickstarter. I for one want to see what Elske can do.



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