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Photo of Pimm’s Cup (always a good idea)

Portland is all about brunch. Everyone is always trying to figure out where to go, when to go, how to avoid lines. Brunch is great- it’s breakfast plus lunch and you can sleep in. But let’s face it- the real beauty of brunch is that it’s socially acceptable to drink booze for (with?) breakfast. My feeling about that is, have a bowl of cereal at home and let’s get to business. There are many great places in Portland where one can get frisky during the day without waiting in line for scrambled eggs. Here are just a few ideas:

THE OBVIOUS: If you are shopping at Frances May anyway, you might as well stop by Clyde Common for a cocktail. Why not. They are open all day and just recently started serving brunch on Sat & Sun. (1014 SW Stark).

“BEST BLOODY”: For a classic day drink, have a bloody mary at the Florida Room. There are many perfect bloody mary’s in Portland, I don’t want to fight about this. Just go, have one, and accept that you are having tot’s for breakfast. (435 N Killingsworth)

AFTERNOON DELIGHT: My most favorite low-key bar to spend an afternoon in is The Moonshine Tavern in NW Portland. It’s not fancy or divey… just a very normal bar that squeezes fresh juice for every drink.  So, get a greyhound.(1020 NW 17th ave)

BOYS CLUB: If you’re a gentleman who wants to drink a bloody mary out of a crystal goblet whilst watching a rare live-from-Japan Dixie Chicks DVD, Starky’s is the dimly lit home for you.

THE SUNDAY DRIVER: Drinking and driving isn’t generally a great idea, but if you’re just in the mood for a couple beers and a round of horseshoes, make the drive up to the Skyline Tavern. You get a crazy view of the valley, the building looks like something out of the old west, and you probably won’t run into anyone you know there. (8031 NW Skyline Blvd).

FANCY: Sometimes Champagne is the only answer. Portland is so lucky to have a true champagne bar that is open during daylight hours (on Sundays). Ambonnay, located in the industrial district, serves many beautiful champagnes both by the glass and bottle. Do the right thing and have a bottle of something special. (107 SE Washington).

OH, THE COCKTAILS: I don’t have any hang-ups about what you are supposed to drink during daylight hours, but I believe that any beer cocktail is totally acceptable no matter what. So light! At Free House in NE Portland, they make a real beauty called La Paloma. With just a little tequila, grapefruit and beer, it feels so refreshing you can drink 3 before you even get a picture up on instagram. Real risky game, drinking those all afternoon. Real risky. (1325 NE Fremont). (Free House opens at 4 but I still think of it as a daytime bar. Soon enough it will still be real light out at 4… right?).

I ALWAYS FORGET THEY ARE OPEN SO EARLY: Liberty Glass off Mississippi! Cocktails, beer, and fine, if you must eat something, here’s brunch without a line. (938 N Cook)

Written by Jenny Cook


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