Posted BY JORDAN ON January 06th, 2013

A couple of things. First: happy New Year, everyone! Second (and third): I just saw this piece by Christian Marclay (Telephones, 1995) on my friend Angella’s blog this morning, and really loved it. Because, sometimes it really does come through a call–and when it does, it feels just as true as this looks, even without the dramatic score. Give yourself a few minutes to watch (4, I think), and I promise it’ll be worth your while.

In other news, my friend Rob kicked this over to me today, and it got me all excited about  2013, cinematically-speaking, at least. I’ve already had a good feeling about 2013 for a while (I was born on a Friday the 13th, so superstition is out the window), and this list just confirms it. Check out Indiewire’s “50 Indie Films We Want to See in 2013.” This list is great, and pretty varied, but extensive enough that I’m sure there’s something for everybody. So, keep it in your “favorites folder,” or however you organize your internet things, so you can keep your eye out for release dates.

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