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Last week was all about the grooming products we love, so it makes sense for this week to be about the services we use. But as it turns out, the ladies and gentlemen of Frances May aren’t often found hanging out at the spa. A good haircut and a trip to the sauna are about as fancy as we get. Anyhow, here’s the short list.

SAUNA/STEAM: Loyly. Loyly is one of my favorite places to be on a grey day in Portland. You pay by the hour so you can stop in for a quick visit or spend a whole afternoon. They offer a do-it-yourself list of spa treatments like face masks, foot soaks, and salt scrubs. You leave smelling sprucey and looking refreshed.


SOAK/MASSAGE: Carson Hot Springs. This place is awesome, if not a tiny bit haunted. They offer two services: mineral bath+ swaddling, and massage. Water for the mineral baths is piped from Wind River into individual claw foot tubs. You soak for about 25 minutes, and then an attendant swaddles you in a cotton wrap and you rest. Apparently this helps energize your cells? I don’t get it, but I know I want it. If swaddling isn’t your thing but tough-love massages are, this is the place to go. According to one source (Nic), the massage therapist here is also a horse masseuse. They’ll work the knots right out of those shanks.

HAIRCUT: There are so many great stylists in Portland, it’s hard to just have one. Our current favorite people and places are Gold and Arrow where we call on Karyn, Windowall for Kim, and Galen at The Proper Salon.

FACIAL: Pam highly recommends Skin by Marywynn for facial treatments and brow shaping. It can be tricky to get an appointment, but when you do, Marywynn is not only great at what she does but she’s also fun to spend an hour with.

ONE LAST THING: Anyone feel like driving up to Tacoma and taking a dip in a mugwort well at a Korean Bath House? There are only a few reasons why I haven’t done this yet myself. 1. It’s in Tacoma 2. I just found out about it. If you beat me to it, please report back.


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