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Everyone seems to have a product that they consider to be their own secret weapon. Some are invisible (perfumes, lotions), some are neon OPEN signs (lipstick) and some create tiny works of art (nail polish). Here are a few of our favorite weapons from around town.

PAM’S FAVORITES: Tata Harper hydrating floral essence spray. This is a moisturizing facial toner that provides you with that highly desirable “dewy” look. You can get it right up the street at Gold and Arrow salon.


Pam’s neon sign says “Amsterdam,” a lipstick color from Nars. It’s a matte color that looks good on blondes and brunettes alike. This is the color Skye is wearing for the Frances May website photos. Available at Blush Beauty Bar.




For an old fashioned cure-all, Pam recommends Country Comfort Herbal Savvy. It will get rid of rosacia/acne/cuts/rashes/scars/you-name-it. Make sure it it’s the golden seal kind, and put it everywhere.

MAN AMONGST MEN: There are a lot of great masculine products available in Portland. Maybe it’s because we’re already surrounded by Douglas fir trees, but woodsy man scents are everywhere around here. Olo Fragrance has figured out how to put all the pieces of the pacific northwest into little, tiny bottles. Foret smells like a walk through the woods, while Erastus smells like whiskey, tobacco and wood. As a side note, am I right in observing that every hot girl in this town wears Lightning Paw? Olo is available at Frances May, and most scents are unisex.


MOISTURE: I’m very much in love with Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe. It’s somewhere between an extremely subtle perfume and a warmly scented body oil. You can only smell it if you really stick your nose into the neck of the wearer. And once you do, you’ll also be greeted by especially soft skin. It’s specifically meant to be worn on the neck and decolletage. Those French! I tell you. It can also be used in the hair after the shower. Available at Nationale.


SOAP: Soap is often the gift that goes unused. People get so weird about soap! They put it in their closet, their underwear drawer, they leave it in the medicine cabinet. I know because I used to be one of these people. Use the fancy soap! My most recent discovery was Maak Soap, made right here in Portland. Like Olo, they work to capture the smells of different Oregon environments. They use local ingredients and all natural ingredients. My favorite, the Sea Bar, smells like eucalyptus and tea tree oil and has dried luffa in it for exfoliation. Some exfoliating bars are kinda wimpy- this one is not. Use with care. Or, if you’re anything like me, scratch away until your down to your last layer of skin.


SOMEWHERE TO PUT IT ALL: A fancy bag for fancy things.


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