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Thrifting in Portland can be whatever you want it to be. A long and arduous search for the perfect denim shirt or a cheap answer to your home furnishing needs- whatever you’re looking for, it can be found with a little effort. In my sick opinion, the tougher the hunt the bigger the pay off. However, to get you started on your thrift-y journey, here are a few good spots for looking for pre-sorted scores.


photo from Palace Blog

PALACE: We’ve talked about this place already. They have some new things,  they have some very perfectly selected old things. I like looking for worn tee shirts and silky blouses here.


TIME BOMB VINTAGE: Time Bomb is great for when you want it to be very clear that what you are wearing is of a different era. They have an excellent selection of jackets.


photo from The Cabinet Shop

ANIMAL TRAFFIC: For all your western wear/ puffy vest needs. They also carry an excellent selection of backpacks.

SEEK THE UNIQUE: I often leave this store feeling like I want to redecorate my house in two or three completely different ways. The space is bright with natural light and filled with beautiful, carefully collected pieces. One week there are stacks of green-glass plates and saucers, the next, metal crates filled with rolled maps. They offer rare and wonderful things and the prices reflect it.





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