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I will say a few words about dirty thrifting. You really need to be in the right head space for it. Don’t go when you are hungry or in a rush. Have something specific in mind when you start, like “A WOODEN BOWL”. Get competitive with those around you.


RED WHITE AND BLUE: Best for clothing, Red White and Blue is well organized, clean enough, and busy. People are aggressive about savings here, you guys. You might end up fighting with an old lady over a velvet pantsuit, but it’s probably worth it. That sweet little Siamese cat statue pictured above was found at the RWB. You can’t get that just anywhere.


GOODWILL…SCAPOOSE. Goodwill is an obvious one, but this specific location deserves a mention. I have had great luck with glassware and unusual dishes here (also a Canadian Down jacket and some L.L. Bean chamois shirts).


FINDERS KEEPERS: Oh… Finders Keepers. This is a dirty, dirty place. The last time I left I had a sore throat. If you are really hunting for something weird though, do stop in.


LITTLE EDIES FIVE AND DIME: Somewhere between thrift store and vintage store, it’s not really dirty, but it is cheap.


Also, if you are in the spirit of getting your hands mussed, go to a few estate sales. The typical pattern of estate sales dictates that Friday and Saturday mornings you have to wait in line with a bunch of nuts, Saturday afternoon it calms down, and then on Sunday they mark everything to half-off. Pick your poison. Here is a website to guide you- Estate Sale Finder.




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