Posted BY JENNY JAMES ON March 29th, 2013

Great news: You don’t even have to leave the house to get complicated nail art. Tiny/Shiny/Bright is a new service started by Samantha Chew that offers nail house calls. What? We decided to give her a call and have her come over last Saturday AM to see what she could do with our beat up hands.

Samantha arrived and set up her station- towel, giant box of nail polishes, nail polish pens (?!) gems and brushes.  We focused on drinking and snacking while she did that.

Samantha had a million options for us to pick from. Nan went for tiny flowers on black.


Pam got galaxy nails.


It was hard to capture the contrast in this one, but I got hot pink/nude with a purple and silver crystal power nail.


It was nearly impossible to choose.

This lady has a steady hand and all the right tools to do whatever crazy idea you want.


3D Day of the Dead nails? Yes.

Rainbow Trout nails? Yes.
She even accepts credit cards. Whhhhattttt! TINY/SHINY/BRIGHT!

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