Posted BY JENNY JAMES ON March 20th, 2013

Portland is currently losing its mind over objects and things. There is good reason for this- there are a lot of perfect things in Portland. A beautiful, well designed object can transform a desk, a windowsill, a room. We are still throwing most of our money into our closet-pits, but if you’re feeling domestic…


Why not maximize your bookcase swagger with these Rason Jens bronze bookends? (Available at Table of Contents for a breezy $1160.)


Local design studio Makelike understands the beauty of the thing. Hang some hand screen-printed Things wallpaper in your office and skip the desk clutter. (Available at shop.makelike.com $150.)


Lowell loves a collection. Their shop is full of tidy and interesting objects, each more lovely than the last. (Lowell Portland.)


This is a ring holder and jewelry box, and also a complete delight. Organic shape and usefulness in harmony- this seems to be what Canoe does best. Canoe is nothing new to Portland. They are the first we think of when we want just-the-right-things. They track them down, we buy them, we love them. (Belle Ring Holder $130. Top photo also from Canoe, Bronze Stars $22.)

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