Posted BY JENNY JAMES ON November 11th, 2014

The old space feels so small now!

InĀ  (less than) 48 hours, our new location will be open. While we have made huge progress, we still have a long way to go- and obviously not much time to do it. We’ve missed plenty of sleep over the years for this place- a couple more all-nighters can’t hurt.

So, so much to move.

So, so much to move.

The shop is closed while we make this transition. Even though we are only going one door down, it feels like a huge move for us. For the next few days, all hands are on deck- packing, cleaning, organizing, measuring, cutting and building.



To-do (everything.)

Gus is helping us stay focused.

Gus is helping us stay focused.

Future Men's Section.

Future Men’s Section.


Corner View.


Maybe there will be some sawdust on the floor when we open, maybe not. Either way, we are popping corks and celebrating this awesome new home on Thursday night. Come hell or high water. Hope to see you there.




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